The Irish Astronomical Society had an open night in Phoenix Park, Dublin during late summer and I couldn’t resist paying them a visit, there were a lot of people there queuing up to look through the various telescopes, and it was a perfect night under a very bright full moon.

Full moon in Phoenix Park - Dublin

I wandered off to shoot one of the twisted trees in the area whilst the crowds dispersed, then doubled back for a chat with some of the astronomers, it was really interesting to hear how their lenses and telescopes work.

I was blown away when I got the chance to view Jupiter through one of the telescopes, you could see it’s rings and it was truly mind blowing to see it there and then, the things you only ever get to see on TV.

Irish Astronomical Society - Phoenix Park

I would be very interested in hooking up my camera gear to one of these telescopes so if you are reading this and have the technology please get in touch.

All in all, a wonderful night, looking at the planets around us is an incredibly humbling experience, I highly recommend you try it.

Phoenix Park Cross at night - Dublin