The approach of winter is one of my favourite times of year for outdoors photography, the low light angle makes objects punch out of the background with a more descriptive light. There are so many opportunites taking photos in Dublin, since it is not a city filled with tall buildings, there is still plenty of angles for light to cut through.

Of course when you visit the coast you won’t be faced with that problem, I shot this photo when walking on Sandymount strand in Dublin, with a nice mix of moody cloud and a sunbeam cutting through at a low level to illuminate the iconic Poolbeg chimneys.

Print of Poolbeg chimneys, Dublin bay

You can buy a print of this photo of Poolbeg chimney stacks in my online shop, just click here to see it in the print gallery, if you wish to have it in a different crop, I can crop it to whatever size you need, just get in touch.