Kala Patthar, Nepal

Kala Patthar Mountain - Mount Everest Landscape Photography

Of all my photos this one is shot from the highest point I have ever been on earth, at 5643m, this is the peak of Kala Patthar, beside Mount Everest. We had set out at 4am to climb to the peak and it took much longer than expected as you could really feel the lack of oxygen at that height. We were hoping to catch sunrise over Everest but there was too much cloud in that direction so I aimed the camera towards the area we came from, there was a bank of low cloud filling the valley which slowly evaporated.

Sitting there shooting a timelapse it was quite a spiritual moment, feeling very privileged to be witnessing the landscape in front of me. I had this one made into a large print for my living room, my pride and joy, not because of the photo technically, but because of the memory and feeling at the time.

I also shot a time lapse which you can view below.

Shot with Canon 6D and Canon 16-35mm LII lens