River Maine at Dunminning #1

Dunminning, Cullybackey, Northern Ireland - Photo Print

It was one Christmas eve night when I took this shot at Dunmining bridge outside the village of Cullybackey, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. There was a crazy flood in the river Maine and although the photo looks calm, the water was raging. Since it was almost pitch black when I set up, any people driving past wondered what I was doing, you don’t normally see photographers setting up in the dark so they would surely be curious, some cars turned and drove past a few times possibly wondering if I was about to jump off the bridge, but their headlights illuminated the trees as they turned around, and I caught the moment with a long exposure, giving an unpredictable surreal light show.

Shot with a Samyang 14mm manual lens on Canon 6D full frame body.