Sometimes around Dublin you will see people wading in the shallow waters of the bay, I have often wondered what they were looking for and I was reliably informed by highly respected street photographer Liz Stowe who grew up in the area, that they are searching for rag worms to sell as bait to the local fishermen.

This is admittedly a shot taken using my phone, I was out cycling at the time and on my way home from a loop around Howth head in north Dublin, when I stumbled upon this scene, I couldn’t possibly cycle on without attempting a photo even though I am usually very against mobile photography.

Street Photography - Rag Worm Fishing - Clontarf

Initially I had a plethora of images where the guy was stooped over where he just looked like some random object so I had to wait till he stood up, for a more human form. There was also quite a problem with lens flares but after trying various angles I managed to get one where the flares were scattered off the main subject area. I am certinaly glad I recently upgraded my phone, however I will be going back with my proper camera to try it again in the future.