I also offer drone services. Being a drone pilot opens up a world of new angles to shoot your projects from, smooth cinematic 4K aerial footage is very beautiful to watch and I can also shoot 48mp photos from the drone, including timelapse and slow motion video. The drone can also be used indoors.


If you own a restaurant, hotel, cafe or fast food restaurant you already know how competitive the market is, and the importance of engaging customers through creative food photography, whether it be a burger with chips or fine dining. Many of my food photos appear in Getty Images Signature series, the highest quality they offer


Hotels, shops, banks, offices, pubs all require a different approach and emotion in interior design photography. I use only the best wide-angle lenses to capture interiors at their finest to achieve a sharpness in the imagery that is supreme.


The presentation of your product is paramount whatever your product is. In today's world it will get lost in the noise of social media unless the product looks supreme. I take pride in creating the right emotion in my commercial photography to engage viewers in all media channels


Photographing buildings at their best requires extensive attention to detail and removal of abnormalities and imperfections to produce an image that is truly beautiful. I can use a variety of techniques including long exposure and time-lapse to get your building noticed no matter the surroundings


Visit my online print shop to view my Irish landscape prints and other travels. All available in various sizes, standard and panoramic. Using only the highest grade Hahnemühle paper and printed using the Giclée printing process, which is of premium archival quality


Video is an important player in the social media world, I can provide video and animation of your photos or shoot in real time video, so you have both options covered for all media. Driving your customer engagement to the maximum


My online print shop reinforces my deep love of nature and landscape photography. There is simply nothing more stunning than the natural world we live in and I enjoy photographing it in all seasons, all of which have their own distinct beauty